Warm soft and colorful – this year’s clothing trends

Warm, soft and colorful- this year's clothing trends

Although many people often look forward to autumn and winter, they often enjoy the cosy feeling you get during this period, such as a blanket on the couch, candles and hot chocolate. We prefer to wear clothes we can crawl away in. This autumn and winter we are in good hands.

What are this year's clothing trends. I list it here.

Warm clothing is a must

With energy and gas costs rising, many are already saying that this year they will definitely not turn up the heat any higher than necessary. We are more likely to choose to put on a warm sweater. As far as that goes, this year's fashion trend is warm, soft and colorful.

What is definitely a ‘must have’ in the closet is a turtleneck ladies. Not only is a turtleneck nice and warm, it also looks super hip.

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Always warm with a turtleneck

A turtleneck is a favorite of many ladies and that makes sense. A turtleneck is a garment that provides both a cultured and chic look. It's just how you combine it.

Tough with jeans or neat with a tight skirt. A turtleneck is soft and warm, ideal for ’evenings on the couch.

An accent to go with my clothes

What is also one of the clothing trends this year is a ladies vest. A ladies gilet can also be recognized as a jacket or vest without sleeves. With a vest you not only make sure you are extra warm, it also looks super stylish.

Women's cardigans add that extra touch of softness and warmth to your outfit. Choose from different materials and lengths. Wear a long gilet over a blouse and smart pants, or go sporty and choose a short ladies gilet over a t-shirt.

A vest looks sporty on jeans and neat and fashionable on pants.

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If you like to wear a blouse

The blouse is a versatile garment and therefore one of this year's clothing trends. Wear a blouse ladies while working, a date with friends or a fancy dinner. Especially in the office, a blouse for ladies is an ideal garment, neat and dressy.

The classic look is perfect if you want to look presentable.

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This year's clothing trends

I like the fact that this year's clothing trends are colorful. I actually always wear the bohemian style and my dashing long colorful dress I combine with a nice vest, my cheerful skirt with a warm turtleneck or chic blouse. The clothing trends this year are casual and easy to combine with the clothes you already have in your closet, so warm and durable.