Children’s sunglasses from Julbo and Kid Rider – protect the eyes

Children’s sunglasses from Julbo and Kid Rider protect the eyes

Sunglasses are important for protecting your eyes. We all know that, but how often are children forgotten when it comes to sunglasses? Why be children’s sunglasses so important and which brand should you look for?

Even small eyes deserve a big name

With – A webshop with glasses- they sell children’s sunglasses from the brands Julbo and Kid Rider. Why is good sunglasses so important?

Sun protection.

Unlike adults, the eye lens of a child contains virtually no protective pigments. The water of the sea and the sand on the beach reflects around 20% of the sun’s rays, snow almost 85%. In this way a child, much more than an adult, is exposed to a harmful amount of sun rays.

That is also the reason why it is so important to protect the eyes of children.

No gadgets buy

Gadget (cheap) glasses are out of the question and actually more harmful than no glasses wear. They do not filter the UV rays and only ensure that the pupil gets even bigger. The child thinks it is protected and looks more comfortable so open its eyes wide to look at the sun.

At that moment, the child is exposed to an excessive amount of harmful rays.

Children’s sunglasses for the little ones

Julbo is a specialist in sunglasses. They have created the ‘LOOPING’ sunglasses line especially for children under 4 years old. These Julbo children’s sunglasses offer the very best protection!
It is characteristic that all Julbo sunglasses are equipped with the best lenses, so that not only the loops but also all other glasses within the Julbo sunglasses line offer the highest protection with lenses in categories 3 and 4.

Children’s sunglasses collection

The wide range of sunglasses at Julbo is colorful and fashionably filled, so there is always a wide choice for everyone. The name ‘looping’ says it all, it is impossible to put these sunglasses wrong on the bridge of the nose because they can be worn on both sides. The loop is equipped with an elastic band from the temples so that the glasses stay in place and cannot fall off the face.

The glasses are made of a flexible and child -friendly material without hinges so that they can take a beating and not harmful if they put it in the mouth. The glasses are also equipped with category 4 glasses, RX glasses.
The loops are available in 3 different sizes; Looping 1 is intended for children from 3 to 18 months, looping 2 for children aged 1 – 2 years and looping 3 for children from 2 to 4 years. In addition, every model is available in many different color combinations.

Kid Rider Collection

The glasses from the Kid Rider-collection are the perfect sunglasses for children aged 0-48 months. Since the frames are made of unbreakable material and are equipped with polycarbonate cat. 4 Glasses offer the Kid Rider sunglasses the right protection against the sun. All Kid Rider sunglasses come with an elastic band and are available in fun colors for both boys and girls.

The Kid Rider sunglasses are also very attractively priced with a recommended consumer price of € 25,-.


Enough choice

Children’s sunglasses are extremely important, which is why you are on the site of see the following:

Kids sunglasses Children also benefit from good sunglasses and many (web) shops have not included them in their range. For that reason we have purchased a large number of children’s sunglasses. Not only do we offer good, protective sunglasses for children, but we also offer a wide choice of frames and colours.

Julbo and Kid Rider children’s sunglasses are available in the age range from 0 to 12 years. All possible colors are available.

But in addition to children’s sunglasses, there is nice even more choice in the range. You will also find glasses and sunglasses for adults. But there are also prescription swimming goggles.

The opinion of the test panel

Our youngest was allowed to try out a pair of black Julbo sunglasses. He was very satisfied with the fit and the cool black color and design of the glasses. According to him, the glasses were not too dark in terms of glass, so that he could also leave the sunglasses on with football and the temples did not hurt his ear even when worn for a long time. The glasses did not fall off his nose.

Detail that mother was happy with: he got a good sturdy glasses case.