The travelling and maybe migrating photographer

As a digital artist and photographer, I travel around the world quite a fair bit, so I’m relatively immune from culture

shock. However, traveling is one thing and staying permanently in another country is another. My boyfriend is from New Zealand, and for various reasons, I’m seriously considering migrating to New Zealand to be with him instead of having him stay with me in the States. Well, my plans are not set in stone yet, and lately, I find myself comparing life in the States with that in New Zealand. Here are some of my considerations:

Cost of living

Daily Shopping - I find prices for groceries and household stuff to be on the

new zealand immigration

high side. Even things that you think

should be cheap because they are produced in abundance in NZ like milk and cheese tend to be more expensive than that in the US. On top of that, I find the variety of groceries and most other goods to be far less than that in the US. Eating out is definitely more expensive too.

Driving – Cars, both new and used tend to be more expensive than that in the US. To put things in perspective, a used car of about 10 years old will set you back $5000 in New Zealand. Car insurance is also very expensive – more than $300 per year, but the consolation is it is not mandatory so you can save on that if you choose to.


This is an area I’ve never really managed to come to terms with. Imagine living without insulation and heating in winter! Yes, most houses do not come with these and double glazing is rare too. Generally, the houses that I’ve lived in are also not in very good condition. This is why I begrudgingly pay the $300-$350 per week rent every time.

Migration Procedure

This is arguably the greatest hurdle I am facing. I obviously don’t have $2.5 million to invest in New Zealand, so the investor category is not for me. I’m looking at the skilled immigrant category. According to this website that details the requirements of migrating to New Zealand, the NZ government uses a point system to assess applicants who have submitted an expression of interest. However, I’m not exactly sure the exact criteria used in computing points. Since they select candidates out of a pool of applicants for interview, there could be some factor of luck involved depending on

how stiff the competition is within a pool of candidates?

Well, I guess I’ll take things one step at a time and see how they go.

Update soon.

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