Stretch mark removal techniques

stretch marksStretch marks are mostly associated with sudden changes in body size. Natural body processes that are associated with sudden changes in body size include pregnancy and puberty. Sudden weight gain is also another major cause of stretch marks. They occur mostly around the abdomen, hips and thighs. Stretch marks affect both genders and are notorious for compromising the beauty of a person’s skin. Not every one that has stretch marks experienced sudden changes in their weight; it is unfortunate that stretch marks are a genetic thing. Getting rid of stretch marks is the dream of everyone but it is not an easy task. Health experts advise on a number of stretch mark removal methods that aid in the process of getting rid of stretch marks by preventing their formation as well as camouflage already existing ones.

Moisturizers are known to take care of the skin by keeping it hydrated. Stretch marks are known to occur when the skin is brittle and resistant to stretching. Regular application of moisturizers be it herbal or cocoa butter formulas is considered the most reliable way of ensuring the skin is hydrated. A well hydrated skin has a greater stretching limit than a dry skin since it becomes more pliant and develops a plastic like characteristic. The acquired elasticity is known to prevent appearance of stretch marks since it renders the skin resistant to tears. For best results, it is advisable that you moisturize your body around four times a day. When used on already existing stretch marks, moisturizers are known to improve their appearance. A combination of wheat germ oil, olive oil and aloe vera is considered the perfect homemade moisturizer safe for all skin types since it is made from natural products.

Another stretch mark removal method is through the use of products that contain retin A or creams that contain retinoic acid. Retin is known to boost the production of collagen which in turn aids the skin in the process of stretching. Further, retin is known to prevent the skin from tears during its stretching process. Products that contain retin are controlled substances and it is thus advisable that you use them as prescribed by the physician and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Glycolic acid also removes stretch marks by stimulating the production of collagen which in turn improves the elasticity of the skin. This product gets rid of already existing stretch marks as well as prevents the formation of new stretch marks.

Regardless of the stretch mark removal method you choose, always put in mind that fresh stretch marks are easier to manage than old stretch marks.

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