Scar Removal Techniques

scar removalYou skin is the most visible organ you have. It displays your beauty and relative health. Many people go to great lengths to preserve the beauty and youthful nature of their skin. However, you cannot always be successful at even the most important of things. You skin will sometimes have scars on it. These scars can be because of injury, surgery and/or certain medical conditions such as acne.

The most common types of scars include keloid scars, contracture scars, hypertrophic scars and acne scars. Getting rid of these scars is a tricky affair. This is because scar removal techniques are often specific to the nature of the scar in question. You cannot just arbitrarily use any scar removal techniques to remove a particular scar. However, the most effective scar removal techniques are as follows.

You can also opt for the surgical removal of scars. This is usually an option for anyone suffering from deep scarring. It includes a variety of surgical methods. The first one is skin grafting. In this method, the surgeon carefully removes a piece of skin form one area of your body and uses it to repair the scarred tissue on your skin. This is the most common method for anyone suffering from burns sustained in fires and acid attacks. Other surgical treatment include excision, dermabrasion and laser surgery.

You should not opt for this technique if you have just recovered from another surgery. It will unnecessarily put a strain on your body. Moreover, you may worsen the scar. You are better off waiting for the surgically treated wound to heal itself before seeking scar treatment. At times, the scar simple disappears as the wound heals.

You can opt for a combination of subcision and microneedling. This is a multi-dimensional approach to your scar problem. It involves both subcision and micorneedling to be effective. It is not similar to surgical treatment because it involves the use of needles to sort out the problem. It does not resort to cutting up any part of your skin or body tissue under the skin. The doctor will first begin with a subcision. This involves the insertion of a tiny needle below your skin’s surface that will then break up the robust fibrous bands that are pulling the scar downwards.

The doctor then moves on to microneedling to finish the job. Microneedling involves the use of a roller containing several spoke like needles that create micro channels inside your skin. These micro channels not only break up the abnormal collagen under the skin but stimulates the synthesis of new collagen. This not only serves to remove the scar but also improves the overall appearance of your skin. Microneedling is now available for the average consumer through a product called the dermaroller. You can look for the best dermarollers on this page.

These are the most effective skin removal techniques. However, you can opt for other skin removal techniques such as prescription creams, gels and ointments. You can also opt for injections to treat certain scars such as keloid scars.

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