5 At-Home Hair Removal Methods You Should Consider

We all want to get rid of unwanted hair on our upper lips, chins, back, cheeks, legs, feet, toes, and fingers as well as in the pubic area. Genetics, medications like steroids, hormones and polycystic ovarian syndrome are some of the reasons why we get all this unwanted hair. The good news is that we can get rid of unwanted hair. Here is a comprehensive review of hair removal methods that can be used at home:

1. Hair removal creams

hairremovalcreamThey are also referred to as depilatory creams. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy them. We cannot point to particular brands and term them as the best. Here are general tips for hair removal creams:

  • carefully read the label, since not all creams are the same
  • ensure that you use the cream for the right part of the body. If it is meant to be used on the face, don’t use it to remove hair from your pubic area
  • don’t leave them on the skin for too long, as you could get your skin burned. The creams contain chemicals meant to dissolve the hair shaft.
  • always test the cream on a small area on the arm, first. This will help you know whether you could react to it, especially if you do have any allergies.
  • always follow the directions on the cream

2. Waxing

This method is popular for removal of hair in the bikini area and on the upper lip. It is very effective as it gets rid of large amounts of hair simultaneously. Here is how to wax:

  • warm the wax to enable easy spreading on the skin. Hair gets embedded in the wax. The wax cools and then firms up, grasping the hair
  • you then need to pull off the wax in the opposite direction in which the hair is growing. This pulls out the hair from the follicles

Waxing is quite painful, since the wax used is hot. Ensure that the wax is not too hot to avoid getting burned. If you are using acne creams, then don’t remove your hair via waxing as it will remove your skin too. It is also easy to get an infection when you use this hair removal method.

Another option is using cold wax. It is usually attached to strips, which are then patted onto the skin. If any wax is left on the skin, it should be scratched or even peeled off.

You can wax using sugar. The sugar used here is thick, (similar to caramel). Spread it onto the skin in the direction in which the hair is growing. The hair will become embedded in the caramel. Pat a cloth or paper strip onto the caramel and pull it off quickly in the opposite direction, in which the hair is growing. This will pull the hair out of the follicles. It is easier to clean up after waxing using caramel as the sugar dissolves in water.

3. Laser hair removal systems

how laser treatment worksThe best laser hair removal system is the LightSheer diode, which targets the pigment on the base of the hair follicle. It works best with people with light skin and dark hair.

The LightSheer Duet is also a great option since it covers a larger area. You need not use gel therefore you can cover large areas in a very short time. Hair removal can be done in a spa, but it is advisable to have a doctor do it.

This minimizes risk as the doctor will oversee the treatment. If any adjustments need to be made, it is easier and safer in a hospital. You can purchase devices that you can use at home.

They are however most suitable for touch-ups. Laser hair removal reduces hair permanently. There may be some regrowth. For effective results, go for 4 to 6 sessions. This however depends on the part of the body.

These days, the very best hair removal systems allow laser treatment at home that can be as effective as professional treatment with machines & kits that can be purchased off the shelf.

4. Epilation

This is using an electric device to remove hair from the root. The hair will be trapped in either a rotating head of rotating tweezers, or even a coiled wire or spring.

Some epilators may have an additional attachment- an electric razor. This helps you shave areas that are not ideal for tweezing. Depending on the type of epilator that you buy, you can choose the rotating speed.

5. Other methods that can be used at home

Apart from using creams, devices like epilators and laser technology or even waxing, you can use all natural methods like raw papaya, turmeric, chickpea flour mask, sugar-lemon mix, sugar-lemon-honey mix, egg mask, white-pepper camphor, potato-lentil ayurvedic, banana-oatmeal scrub, sugar-molasses homemade wax, alum-rosewater, basil-onion paste, thanaka-safflower, spearmint, blackstrap molasses, and foods rich in phytoestrogens.

All in all, there are many hair removal methods that can be used at home. The best thing is to go for what works for you.

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