How, why & where to get internet phlebotomy training & certification ?

Training to be a phlebotomist is one of the most preferred options by those seeking to just break into the healthcare industry. As most of these people are often adults with work commitments and family obligations, setting aside regular hours daily can be hard. This reality has forced many to consider the option of getting phlebotomy certification online. However, before joining any certification program online, there are some important questions you need to get answers to first. The most important ones have been addressed in this guide.

Who is Eligible for Online Phlebotomy Certification?

It is important to note that phlebotomy training requires a substantive hands-on training component carried out in a clinical setting. Though it is possible to study for the certification exam online, it will be impossible to sit for the exam without proof of having actual experience in performing actual venipunctures, skin punctures  and other skills required of a practicing phlebotomists.

Online phlebotomy courses are best suited for practicing phlebotomists who are already practicing and are only lacking the certification. Since not all states require phlebotomists to be certified, the ones lacking certification find it hard when they have to find jobs in states where the profession is more regulated such as California. Such phlebotomists find online certification attractive as they can study with the objective of passing the exam as the only motivation.

Online phlebotomy courses also become a practical option when they are coupled with actual clinical training where students can gain necessary hands on skills. Some actual phlebotomy schools offer an online module to attract students who cannot spare time to attend regular classes for an extended period of time. After completing the online module, the clinical training is offered at an actual campus for a limited number of hours.

Phlebotomy Online Certification Programs

The following is review of two  popular online phlebotomy certification programs:

  1. Phlebotomy Online Training (

  2. PICC Resource Associates Phlebotomy Training

The courses are compared in terms of

  1. Course content (curriculum)

  2. Availability of clinical (practical) classes

  3. Cost

Phlebotomy Online Training

The website offers a simplified online training targeted at people who either have their own arrangement for clinical practice classes or those already working as phlebotomists. The website also recommends the course for students in college training to be nurses, clinicians and medical assistants even if they have no interest in becoming certified phlebotomists.

Course Content

The course covers areas like

  • Laboratory safety and infection control guidelines

  • Skin punctures and venipunctures

  • Medical terminology

  • Phlebotomy and the law

Clinical Training

The program does not offer any practical hands-on training in clinical settings. In fact, the website clearly indicates that anyone looking to become phlebotomists in states like Louisiana and California where they need certification to practice, this program is not suited for their purpose.


Students who sign up for the program are given access to the training materials and content on completing  a comparatively high one-time payment of $399.99 in fees.


Phlebotomy Training Online does not offer students any avenues to get certification. Its online students are advised to find their own arrangements for getting certified. The online site however offers a standardized online exam which you can take and, if you pass, you can print your own certificate right out of the site.

PICC Resource Associates Online Phlebotomy Training Course

This firm based in Connecticut which offers continuing education services and consultancy in the healthcare sector. Their phlebotomy certification program is targeted at healthcare professionals who are already eligible to perform phlebotomy procedures in their states but would love to improve their career prospects with certification. People just breaking into a health career are also encouraged to take the online classes since PICC provides them with means to get training on the clinical phase of the program as well.

Course Content

The main topics covered in the PICC online phlebotomy course are:

  • Roles and functions of a phlebotomist

  • Infection control and lab safety procedures

  • Basic human anatomy and physiology

  • Using blood collection equipment and supplies

  • Phlebotomy special procedures

  • Venipuncture and capillary sampling techniques

  • Professional ethics, legal and regulatory issues affecting phlebotomy practice

Clinical Training

Students who take the PICC Resource Associates online phlebotomy course and who do not have the necessary experience on phlebotomy clinical procedures can take the institute’s hand-on clinical procedures course. The training is offered at the PICC offices in Shelton, Connecticut.


The online phlebotomy certification course costs $325. If the student is interested in taking the clinical procedure, this will cost a further $225. Paying $550 for a comprehensive phlebotomy course offered by a reputable organization is a good deal whatever way you look at it.


PICC Resource Associates LLC is fully licensed by the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) to offer the phlebotomy certification course. Moreover, you can take the certification exam at the center’s offices in Connecticut. To sit the exam at the institute’s offices, you need to provide proof of having performed at least 30 successful venipunctures and at least 10 skin (capillary) punctures.

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