How to Become a Successful Fashion Makeup Artist

fashion makeup artistTo become a successful fashion makeup artist, you are going to have to keep up with the trends. However, keeping on top of all the latest in the makeup, clothing and accessory industry is only part of what you will need to be a great makeup artist. You have to adopt an eye for unique creations that you can display, using your model to display your fashionable designs and ideas. Take a look at some ways in which other makeup artists have launched themselves into a successful position in the fashion world.

Get an Education

The best place to start with your future career is by getting an education and attending a great makeup school that offers courses specific to print fashion and runway makeup application. These courses will help you learn techniques for high fashion application and can help to inspire you to create new and innovative designs. Not to mention, they can help you to build a better understanding of the application of makeup on various colors and types of skins so that any model can be a work of art. Some schools even offer job placement options in runway or print, which can help to open a lot of new and exciting doors for your career. Just be sure that you ask about this placement so that you sign up in time for these opportunities.

Get Public

In order to get the attention of clients, you have to make your skills public. Start taking photos of your creative makeup skills, even if your friends and family are your models. These images can be used to help launch a website or to create a professional Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account promoting your talent. After you get your public accounts up and running, you can start writing articles for free directories about makeup services and methods to draw attention to your accounts by linking the two. You can write about what you are studying, tips you have for other makeup artists or any relevant topic that you believe will draw attention to you. This should help to bring you more work, which will expand your portfolio even further while you study and prepare for your fashion makeup career.

Get Experience

The main goal that you should have during this time is to gain more experience as an artist. Reach out to anyone in the fashion industry and ask them for assistance, whether it is even just to shadow them one day. This will help you network and gain experience so that when you are done with school you may already have the ideal contact to get you into the fashion world. Of course it is important to recognize that some of this initial experience may require you to offer your services for free, but the long-term rewards will make it all worthwhile. Be patient and enjoy this crucial time building your skills and getting your foot in the fashion makeup door, you will certainly be glad that you did.

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