A Quaint Device That Is Still Extremely Popular Today

The Hitachi Magic Wand (HMW) is an electric vibrating massager, which was originally manufactured to relieve tense muscles and cause them to relax. This gadget, which is produced by a Japanese company Hitachi, was first released into the US markets in 1968.

Today, the device is renowned for its use as a masturbation aid and vibrator for women of all ages. The magic wand measures 30 cm in length and it weighs about 540 g. Stimulation is provided by the rubberized 64mm head. The wand functions as an excellent clitoral vibrator with the ability of bringing its users to clitoral orgasm.

A Brief History of the Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi registered as Magic Wand with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on the 25th April of 1968. The manufacturer availed the product to the mass market in the mass markets in the 1970s where it debuted as a device meant to aid with massage. The HMW was found to be effective in relieving back pains and was thus registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a device that can be used in physical medicine as a therapeutic electric massager.


The official stated use of the massager was the relaxing and soothing or sore muscles and nerves rehabilitation for those who suffered sport injuries and relieving or tension. However, the electric massager has since become famous as a sexual stimulator and it is commonly used as a masturbation aid and vibrator for women.

The Cadillac of Vibrators

The electric massager’s use has shifted from being a normal massager to a clitoral vibrator. As a sexual stimulator, the durability, strength and beauty has seen on it has receive the title of being the Cadillac of Vibrators. Unlike the many battery-powered vibrators found in the market, it  has the ability of bringing a woman to orgasm much quicker. It is a great sexual stimulator that men can use on their partners who have difficulty achieving orgasm.

One funny fact about this electric massager is that it is famously known as a sexual stimulator although it was and still is originally marketed as a body massager. As a massager, the HMW can be used to soothe aching muscles of your legs, back, neck and other non-sexual areas.

The deviation of the wands usage from being a general massager into being a vibrator originated from the fact that muscle relaxation and sexual arousal are both achieved in the same fashion: increasing the flow of blood into tissues by using the vibrations. The strong vibrations from the machine can penetrate and relax muscles and there are many people who still use the electric massager as a massager, while others use it both as a normal massager and a sexual stimulator.

How to Use the Wand as a Sexual Stimulator

According to sex therapists, it should only be used to lightly stimulate the clitoris. Women are advised against pushing it too hard on their private parts as this can potentially cause the whole area to become itchy and numb. If using it with a partner, remind the partner to use it lightly on you. You can also add a sock over the rubberized head to add an extra layer of cushion and reduce the intensity of the vibrations. It is also recommended that you start slow and gradually increase your speed as you use the device.


Using the HMW as a Massager

Supposing you are using it on your tired muscles, all you need to do is move it around the tense area and keep moving it around until the time you feel better. Always ensure that you are moving the massager around to prevent an area from becoming itchy or going numb.


Features that make this vibrating massage to stand out:

  • More powerful- the HMW has more power and endurance compared to battery operated vibrators.
  • Rechargeable- This feature ensures that it gives full service for the time it has been charged. It also ensures that you get to enjoy using the device without having to replace the battery which gets depleted very fast.
  • Made from excellent quality material- the body of the massager is made from smooth shinny plastic while the massage head is fashioned from high quality vinyl that has a soft textured surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain- the material from which the vibrator is made allows users to apply lube. Cleaning the vibrator only requires soap and water.
  • Relatively silent compared to battery operated vibrators- this ensures that the user enjoys using the vibrator without interrupting the peace and tranquility enjoyed by their roommates and other housemates.

Customer Reviews

The HMW has received numerous positive reviews on different online stores. This vibrating massager has over 1,000 positive reviews on Amazon alone. Most of the women who left their review on the site spoke highly of the vibrator. Clearly, the device gave them value for their money. A majority of these customers acquired the HMW as a vibrator. Only a handful of these customers bought the HMW for massaging purposes.

One notable reviewer observed that the magic wand was tough, durable and gave her value for her money. There were a few negative reviews for the product on the Amazon online store with some complaining that the current version of the magic wand is not as efficient as the old version.41sy8I8TeSL._SY300_ Following are some pros and cons of this vibrator

Pros and Cons of the HMW


  • The HMW is one of the most powerful vibrators in the market
  • The charge will never die abruptly


  • The material from which the HMW is made is not 100% body safe
  • It only has two settings
  • Can be overwhelmingly powerful to some people
  • There are many fakes in the market

In conclusion, the magic wand is an ideal vibrator for women who have difficult achieving orgasm. Those who buy this vibrating massager will enjoy the unique 2-in-1 feature which will allow them to use the HMW both as a massager and a sexual stimulator.

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