Essential Hairstylist Toolkit – straighteners, curlers and more

These days, the fashion hairstylist’s toolbox has expanded greatly from merely having hair sprays and hair dryers. Portable hairstyling tools is becoming a Big Thing in recent years. The convenience of styling hair at home and on the go has spawned a whole industry dealing with such hairstyling tools. The tools are styled after typical ones you would find in a hair and beauty salon but have extra design features which suit them for self use at home or on the go.

The most popular hairstyling tools include:

  1. Hot air brushes
  2. Flat irons
  3. Curling irons and wands
  4. Hair dryers

Hair Straightening Flat Irons

ideal flat iron example

Hair straightening flat irons have come a long way since the days all you could expect was the regulation, ceramic hair straighteners. Today’s flat irons are designed to treat hair even as you straighten it such that at the end of it all, your hair strands not only look straight but bear a glossy sheen as well.

For people with smooth, long hair; the infused plate irons are the best choices. Most of the infused plate designs are made of ceramic material which, due to its porous nature, can retain some oils inside. The oil is transferred automatically to strands of hair when the hot iron is passed through. For the best results with your smooth long hair, look for infused plate irons which have anti-frizz serum and conditioning oils.

If your hair can be more accurately described as kinky, frizzy or coarse, the best straighteners are vapor straightening irons. These go a step further than infused plate irons by including a removable vaporizing cartridge which spreads moisture when the device is in use. The moisturizing action works well to make even the kinkiest of hair strands much lighter and remarkably longer than you would expect. Though vapor hair straighteners are much more costly than other brands, the results more than justify this dearer price tag. In-depth reviews of hair straighteners are easily available from sites likeĀ

Hair Curling Wands

Every DIY hairstylist needs to have a hair curling wand or two stashed somewhere in the bathroom. Not only can these handy tools give your hair natural loose waves but with a little bit more effort they will produce amazing, tight spirals. As a matter of fact, you can also use a curling wand to straighten your hair if you are in a bind about what to use.

Before choosing a hair wand, consider several reviews and go for one which is most satisfactory according to the following criteria:

  1. A curling wand should heat well enough and uniformly in order to adequately and naturally curl your hair
  2. Does the hair curling wand have the right size of barrel to achieve the effects you want for your hair? In general, curling wands with thin barrels make for tighter curls while thicker ones result in more loose curls and waves.
  3. Check and examine how easy the wand is to hold and use. This is an important criterion for DIY hair wands, more than you can say for wands meant for use in a hair salon.
  4. Look for quality assurance guarantees on the packaging. The more ironclad the guarantees are, the more assured you can be that the wand will give you service for a long time.


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