Can Visible Aging be Reversed?

reverse agingOne thing that cannot be prevented in life is aging, but although you cannot stop the aging process you can use some methods to slow visible aging. The appearance of our skin has a lot to say about our age. One of the most important things to any person and especially women is the body appearance. The natural process of aging is controlled by genes, but external factors like exposure to ultraviolet (UV)rays from the sun can speed up the process of aging. Exposure to the sun has effects on the skin and can result in changes in the way you appear.

One way of slowing visible aging is by the use of sunscreens. Numerous studies that have been done to compare people who use sun screens and those who do not and have proved that use of this products can help a lot to preserve the appearance of your skin and also slow down the aging process. It is recommended to wear sun screen every day to reap maximum benefits.If don’t ensure that you avoid direct exposure to the sun. Another helpful practice is to avoid exposure to sun rays between 10 am and 4pm when the is very hot and the UV rays are at peak levels. The use of sunscreens is also helpful in prevention of skin cancer.

Another way that you can use to slow down visible aging is by eating the right foods. Foods that contain high levels of antioxidants are the best to use. Antioxidants help to eliminate toxins and free radicals from the body. Accumulation of toxins and free radicals in the body speed up the process of aging. They also lower the body’s immunity and expose an individual to infections. Fruits and vegetable are among the foods that have high levels of antioxidants. Ensure that you limit your sugar intake and take adequate water. Water is very important in the elimination of body wastes including toxins.

A diet that has adequate fruits and vegetables in addition to taking a lot of water is effective in detoxification. Antioxidants also help fight cancer and other infections. Flavonoids, vitamin E, A and C ,beta-carotene and selenium are some of the most common antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables that are orange in color like carrots contain beta-carotene and are therefore rich in antioxidants. The same applies for berries like the blueberries. Apples and beans especially the red beans are other foods that are high in antioxidants.

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